New Year’s Resolutions 2019

Happy New Year from Paraguay! It is so wild to think that a year has already passed since we posted our 2018 New Year Resolutions. We recently posted our recap of 2018 resolutions and overall we feel pretty good. This New Year we went to visit our host family from training. We are so appreciative of their patience, understanding, and help in our first months here in Paraguay. We had a great time laughing about our multiple language mishaps in the first months here as well as catching up about the past year. We drank terere, visited a couple of arroyos, and helped harvest a SHIT TON of cucumbers. We are now currently in Asuncion patiently waiting the arrival of Julie!

Once again, partly to share with our friends and family, and partly to keep ourselves accountable, we are posting our New Year’s resolutions here. This past year, we had a check-in on July 1st, and we thought it was very productive to update and reflect mid-year, so we’ll be doing that again this upcoming July.


  • Work out 3x for 30+ min a week
  • Improve our 10k time
    • Our baseline is the 10k we ran In November 2018: Alli (55:56) and Dylan (52:50)
    • Acknowledging that running can be difficult here, we still want to motivate ourselves to run a little bit more! Goal times: Alli (sub 52) Dylan (sub 47).
  • Run, hike, bike, and speed walk for a total of 350 miles in 2019

Mental Health

  • Yoga 2x a week
    • We really enjoyed doing a moving meditation this year and hope to increase that to doing yoga 2x a week for at least 15 minutes


  • Have 1 special/creative date night a month
    • We get to spend 24 hours a day together and we love it, but we want to try and plan at least one night that is extra special whether it be a special meal, game night, a bike ride to watch the sunset, etc.


  • Thanks to the new iPhone screen time tracker, we will keep our daily average phone time below 1 hour/day, excluding time counted for music, podcasts and calls with family/friends.


  •  Reduce Plastics
    • We are going to try and minimize our trash as much as possible. Like most people, the majority of our trash waste is by soft plastics, such as plastic bags and food wrappers that cannot be recycled. We put our soft plastics into ecobricks, which is good, but only a band-aid solution. We are going to start saving our plastics each month to take inventory and track the source of this trash with an ultimate goal of reducing the plastics we use. We will take a photo and count the individual pieces of plastic at the end of each month.

Culture & Art

  • Photography – Take two on this one. We will be trying to participate in a photo challenge 2x per month to learn to use our camera and improve (read: obtain) photography skills.
  • Language – We have one year left in a Spanish speaking country and still a ways to go. We will read news articles for 15 mins, 3x a week to help us improve.

Social connection

  • Visit someone in the community 1x per week (different people each week)
    • This next year is going to fly by, and before you know it, our time in Paraguay will be up. We want to be sure we are continuing to build and maintain our social connections in our community that have made us feel so at home here.

Peace Corps

  •  Start and finish year 2 strong!
  • 1 blog post/2 weeks (We got it this time!)

One Month Challenges (Dates TBD)

  • These will be certain one month challenges that we will take on throughout the year.
    • 1 month of no alcohol (Tentatively March)
    • 1 month of no refined sugar (Tentatively May)
    • 1 month of 1 mile run a day
    • 1 month of yoga every day

We hope that the next year brings love, happiness, and purpose. We can’t wait to see where the year takes you all!

Much love,

Alli & Dylan

Here are some pictures from our New Year celebrations:

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