Alli Bell + Dylan Kintish

(The following may or may not be completely true as it is an ‘about’ section not written by either Alli or Dylan).

Alli Bell and Dylan Kintish have the biggest hearts. Many say those hearts are bigger than most dinosaurs had. They are not wrong. (See: engagement photos for proof, above is just one sample, I mean COME ON!). And while that may seem impossible, I’d argue so do they as humans. Anyone who has met them can attest to this: they are indeed impossibly amazing people (possibly with dinosaur hearts).

Their love started reluctantly in Big Bend but that reluctance stopped shortly after and has been all-encompassing ever since. When you meet them you feel it, this whole-hearted love you receive. It starts with their smiles and exudes out their beings. They will make Paraguay a happier place.

And that’s why this site exists: because these two wonderful humans are doing what wonderful humans tend to do, putting others ahead of themselves and going down to Paraguay for 2-years to be helpful and positive and share themselves with the world. Paraguay has no clue what’s coming.

This site will chronicle their 2-years in their words. This will be the best place to catch up with all things Alli + Dylan during their time away. As their internet access (let alone their access to electricity) will likely be limited you’re encouraged to comment and reach out and use this site to help stay in touch or just follow along. I’d suggest you sign up for email updates about new posts (found in the sidebar: the 3-lines looking thing on the top right of this site) or in the footer to make sure you’re most current (as it’d be so embarrassing for you to be talking about them to all your friends only to find out you weren’t fully up-to-date…but don’t worry they’d understand with smiling faces). All of their social media thingys can be found in those places too.

It will also be updated with a mailing address for postcards or packages and any other details you’ll need for the next two-years to keep these wonderful humans in your life (and you in theirs!).

So to summarize: follow along, post comments, send real mail and love in any way you’d like and know that every word you write will be framed and put up on their walls in Paraguay. That’s how much they care. (Note: that last part may or may not happen).

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